Power plant gets over 860,000 tourists in 2015 13.01.2016

Power plant gets over 860,000 tourists in 2015

Growth reached 0.5%, despite the strike on the Brazilian riverbank.


In 2015, the Itaipu power plant welcomed 860,998 visitors from 137 countries. The total combines tourist and institutional visits to the plant’s Brazilian and Paraguayan riverbanks, and is 0.5% higher than the number recorded in 2014.


Albeit positive, the results could have been even better if not for the strike by the plant’s Brazilian employees, which lasted 43 days and compromised visitor access. On the Paraguayan side, the Museum of the Guarani Land, which saw 65,000 tourists in 2014, remained closed for renovations the entire year.


Even so, the attractions at the Itaipu Tourist Complex (ITC) closed 2015 with 521,839 visitors, 5.30% more than in the previous year. Over the holidays between December 24 and January 3, they welcomed the highest number of tourists ever for the period: 37,413 - 16% higher than the total in the same period between the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015.


Throughout December, the ITC welcomed 58,721 visitors, a growth no less than 11.30% over the same month the year before. The spillway remained open the entire month to give way to the excess water reaching the power plant’s reservoir and was the major lure for tourists.


Daily record


In the year, the plant also set a daily visitation record on November 22, when Itaipu announced three of the spillways’ chutes would be opened for operating tests. The spectacle drew in more than 10,000 people, including tourists and locals.


The Panoramic Tour remains the most popular attraction at the Itaipu Tourist Complex. In 2015, 348,314 visitors went on this tour, 7.63% more than in 2014. The Panoramic Tour was suspended for 24 days in 2015 owing to the strike by Itaipu’s Brazilian employees. Even so, it was less compromised than the other attractions, which remained closed while the strike lasted.

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